Landscape Conservation Action Plan

Landscape Conservation Action Plan.

Landscape Conservation Action Plan

Transforming the Trent Valley is a Landscape Partnership Scheme that is bringing together an enthusiastic and diverse team of partners with a real enthusiasm for delivering landscape scale change across this part of Staffordshire and Derbyshire, uniting them through a shared vision for the Trent Valley landscape.

The middle reaches of the River Trent and its tributaries, the River Tame and the River Dove, flow through a landscape that is distinctive in character and unites communities that are facing similar challenges. This is a landscape that is defined by its rivers.

The purpose of this Landscape Partnership is to recognise the challenges and opportunities that are presented by this fluvial landscape. Our vision is for “wildlife-rich waterways and wetlands at the heart of a resilient, accessible, beautiful and culturally rich landscape. Creating a brighter future for people, business and wildlife in the Trent Valley.”

In developing this scheme, the partnership has undertaken a detailed study of the landscape.  Through this we have learnt what is known about the physical characteristics of the landscape, about the different people who live and work in the valley, and the interest that there is in the river and its environs.

All this information has enabled us to develop a series of ambitious projects that will support the communities in the Trent Valley, improve sustainable access, and protect our valuable cultural and natural heritage.

The Landscape Conservation Action Plan (LCAP) collates all this information into a single document. 

The LCAP is divided into two parts:

Part one comprises nine sections detailing information about the landscape, the partnership and the scheme management.

Part two provides a summary of the projects.

The different sections are available for download below.

Transforming the Trent Valley Landscape Partnership

TTTV LCAP 1. Introduction

TTTV LCAP 2. Understanding TTTV (1 of 5)

TTTV LCAP 2. Understanding TTTV (2 of 5)

TTTV LCAP 2. Understanding TTTV (3 of 5)

TTTV LCAP 2. Understanding TTTV (4 of 5)

TTTV LCAP 2. Understanding TTTV (5 of 5)

TTTV LCAP 3. Statement of Significance

TTTV LCAP 4. Threats and Opportunities

TTTV LCAP 5. Aims and Objectives

TTTV LCAP 6. Scheme Management

TTTV LCAP 7. Evaluation and Monitoring

TTTV LCAP 8. Sustainability and Legacy

TTTV LCAP 9. References

TTTV LCAP Part 2 Project Summaries