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Staffordshire Wildlife Trust is your local wildlife charity dedicated to looking after Staffordshire's wildlife and wild places. Welcome to our website! You can use our website to find out more about what we do, to sign-up as a member, read up on our current campaigns, find out how to volunteer with us and book onto an event plus much more. 

We hope you can join us in protecting Staffordshire's unique natural environment for everyone to enjoy and wildlife to thrive in. Our work would not be possible without your support.

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Signs of winter

Winter is a time of subtle beauty and hidden wild treasures to spot.

With leaves and foliage dormant, we can see the stark bare branches of trees, and maybe notice details previously hidden- the variety of texture and colour of tree bark and buds storing up energy for future blooms. 

Migratory birds are frequent residents during winter months, and some birds even put on impressive displays called murmurations which help them to keep warm and confuse predators. 

With less available light, and more animals hibernating, it may be harder to spot the usual mammalian visitors. But with a little luck, and the right weather, you just might see evidence of their visits in the form of tracks on a snowy day.

We've picked some of our favourite winter highlights to look out for below!


What we do

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Go wild - upcoming events

We run events all over Staffordshire on nature reserves, our 2 visitor centres and in local parks. We have sessions for ages 0 - 100 from guided walks to grass sledging. What are you waiting for? Come and get wild with us!

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