GCSE and A-level fieldwork

GCSE and A-level fieldwork

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Staffordshire Wildlife Trust offers a number of courses covering the Geography and Science curriculum. These courses will help students to gain the necessary fieldwork skills.

Our KS3-KS5 programmes have been created purposefully for the new secondary curriculum that is being taught at GCSE and A-level. The programmes allow students to investigate a scientific enquiry using a comprehensive scientific framework that reflects the new fieldwork assessment component. The students will work together to formulate hypotheses, plan and justify methods, use fieldwork techniques to collect data, analyse data and evaluate their study,  

The programme allows the students to:
• Develop their practical skills
• Prepare for the fieldwork exam
• Complete science practical endorsements
• Conduct an independent investigation

You can find out more about our secondary education programmes by downloading the document below 

To place a booking or to find out more, please contact our People Engagement Team at getwild@staffs-wildlife.org.uk or call 01889 880100

River work

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Secondary education programmes

Primary school programmes

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