Our rivers

Our rivers

Conserving our wetlands

A broad range of wetland habitats can be found in Staffordshire including rivers, streams, canals, lakes, reservoirs, meres, mosses, inland saltmarsh, wet woodlands, fens, marshes, swaps, bogs and reedbeds. Find out more about our conservation work that preserves these vital local wetland habitats. 

There are over 3,740 hectares (ha) of wetland habitats in Staffordshire of which 2,112 ha are designated with Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI status). Otters, wading birds, dragonflies, frogs and many more wonderful species call our wetland habitats home. 


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It is estimated that over 85% of the UK's rivers and streams have been severely modified from their natural state. Pollution, urbanisation, insensitive land drainage, river modifications and agricultural intensification are largely to blame. We are working hard to restore these wetland habitats to their original state, create new wetlands, raise the profile on the import ecosystem services that wetlands provide and increase community-led initiatives that aim to bring wetlands, its inhabitants and people together in harmony.  

One of our biggest projects involves an exciting £3 million project to revitalise the Trent Valley waterways and wetlands. You can ready more about our Staffordshire wetlands and waterways work below. 

Rivers work

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Our projects

Transforming the Trent Valley Landscape Partnership

Transforming the Trent Valley

The striking landscape of the Trent Valley, along with its archaeological and industrial heritage and important wetland habitats, are set to benefit from the first stage of a £3 million project.

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Staffordshire Trent Valley Catchment Based Approach Partnership

Staffordshire Trent Valley Catchment

Staffordshire Wildlife Trust is the host for the Staffordshire Trent Valley Catchment, one of more than 100 catchment partnerships established across England and Wales. The partnerships seeks input from a wide variety of partners to help develop plans to improve the water environment for the benefit of the people and wildlife living in and visiting the Staffordshire Trent Valley.

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Natural Flood Management

Natural flood management (NFM) uses natural processes to help reduce the risk of flooding to people, properties and infrastructure. In Staffordshire with our support, a number of NFM projects are underway and are being delivered in partnership with a wide range of organisations, communities and landowners. These include the Environment Agency, CaBA, Natural England, Staffordshire County Council, Cheshire Wildlife Trust and Warwickshire Wildlife Trust.

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Water Vole - nature conservation

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Staffordshire Rivers Living Landscape

A county-wide scheme which aims to restore the ecological health of Staffordshire's watercourses. The aim of the Staffordshire Rivers Living Landscape scheme is to meet the targets of the EU's Water Framework Directive (WFD) and restore all of Staffordshire's waterways and waterbodies to 'Good Ecological Status' by 2027.

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