Wild Child Adventure pack

Wild Child Adventure pack

Are you a wild child looking for some adventures?

Then look no further. Here at Staffordshire Wildlife Trust we are excited to launch our brand new Wild Child Adventure Pack.


Download your pack and you will find a whole world of adventure waiting for you from barefoot walks to bird watching and scavenger hunts! Activities are graded in levels, with 1 being the easiest and 5 being the hardest to master. By working your way through the different levels of the pack you will gain valuable Wild Child Adventurer skills equipping you to progress up each level.

You can complete the activities at home, in a park or a local green space or a Staffordshire Wildlife Trust nature reserve. There is also a suggested kit list to help you complete the activities. However, don't worry if you have not got something to hand as all the activities have alternative suggested equipment which either are natural materials or people have laying around at home.

You can record your Wild Child Adventures on the Wild Child Tracker sheet. Once you have completed the adventures and the tracker sheet, send us a photo of the completed sheet to getwild@staffs-wildlife.org.uk, along with your name and we will then release your Wild Child Adventurer certificate.

Begin your adventure now to become an official Wild Child!

Adventure pack

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Enjoy your wild adventures!