Signup to become a wild child adventurer!

Youngsters across Staffordshire can head on a wild adventure after the county’s largest nature conservation charity launched a new downloadable pack.

Staffordshire Wildlife Trust has launched its brand new Wild Child Adventure Pack to help children of all ages get closer to nature.

Once signed up and downloaded the pack will show youngsters how they can enjoy outdoor adventures like barefoot walks, bird watching and scavenger hunts.

Activities will be graded in levels with one being the easiest and five being the most difficult to master.

By working through the different levels of the adventure pack, youngsters will gain valuable outdoor skills.

Aimee Burrows, Wildchild Officer for the Trust said: “Activities can be completed at home, in a park or a local green space or at one of Staffordshire Wildlife Trust’s 30 nature reserves across the county.

“We want youngsters taking part to have lots of fun while they do it – and keep us up to date with their adventures too!

“There is also a suggested kit list to help you complete the activities. However, don't worry if you have not got something to hand as all the activities have alternative suggested equipment which either are natural materials or people have laying around at home.”

Those taking part can record their Wild Child Adventures on the Wild Child Tracker sheet. Once completed, they will receive a Wild Child Adventurer certificate.

Each Wild Child Adventure Pack costs £5 to download. For more info, visit