Wildlife gardening pack

Wildlife Gardening booklet

Support nature at home with our FREE 'Wildlife Gardening' pack!

We have launched a special 'Wildlife Gardening' pack for families to help them support nature at home, which is filled with advice on how to make your garden wildlife friendly and kinder to the climate. Pick up tips in our FREE guide and who knows what exciting wildlife you may attract to the garden!

You don't even need a typical garden to get started, the pack lists many ways that you can get involved, whether you have a balcony, allotment or small outdoor space. 

Our pack is full of activity sheets, spotting guides and even some crafts for all the family to get stuck into.

Many think autumn and winter are a quiet time for wildlife with not much to discover or do in the garden, but there is actually plenty to see and many tasks to be getting on with; these are also seasons when wildlife really needs our help to survive!

Three pages of a Wildlife Gardening booklet, featuring a front cover with a great tit and sun flower.

Our Wildlife Gardening Pack is FREE to download and contains a range of fun resources! From hedgehog highways to tips on how you can fight climate change in the garden to spotting sheets our guide is packed full! There is also a cool owl mask included  to customise and cut out and a competition to win a beaver adoption pack! 

The UK is one of the most nature-depleted countries in the world and our gardens and outdoors spaces are some of the places we can do our bit to help wildlife thrive and fight back.

Sign up by filling in the form below and you will then be directed to a page where you can download the digital pack!

Please note that this is a digital pack but you could print it off at home.

If you have any problems downloading your pack or for more info, email info@staffs-wildlife.org.uk

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