Trust urges candidates to make a stand for nature

Staffordshire’s largest nature conservation charity is asking candidates in this December’s General Election to support an ambitious Environment Act and make a stand for nature.

Staffordshire Wildlife Trust has contacted all prospective parliamentary candidates in Staffordshire’s 12 constituencies to stand up for nature in the build up to the election on December 12th, and if they become an MP.

The charity would like candidates to back an Environment Act with legislation to give nature the strong protection it needs, and put nature’s recovery at the heart of planning, farming and Government.

The Trust strongly believes that by protecting and restoring the natural world it will allow wildlife populations to recover.

The Trust works every day up and down the county to help protect and restore wild places in Staffordshire, and work on the ground to help find solutions to nature’s decline.

Julian Woolford, Chief Executive of Staffordshire Wildlife Trust, said: “The forthcoming General Election is the most critical one for years for the environment.

“The UK is one of the most nature-depleted places on earth, but there is time to turn things around and bring it back.

“The momentum for change is growing rapidly – we’re seeing Governments around the world declaring nature and climate emergencies and the environment is increasingly on the agenda.

“Our Trust and The Wildlife Trusts' movement know what is needed – we need better protections for wildlife and a connected landscape through Nature Recovery Networks, with space for nature to thrive across the country.”

The Trust is also encouraging people to contact their prospective parliamentary candidates to ensure nature his high on the agenda. They are also reminding people to register to vote by 26th November. To register head to

Find out more on the Trust’s website