Planning advice

Planning advice

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Giving wildlife a voice

With ever increasing development pressures across Staffordshire, we are working to ensure that wildlife and valuable habitats are fully considered within the planning system.

Planning advice for the public

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Planning advice developers

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Inappropriate development can have a significant impact on wildlife; while considerate planning can help protect, enhance and even create new habitats.

Staffordshire Wildlife Trust gives wildlife a voice by:

  • responding to strategic planning consultations, such as Local Plans. These form a backbone to the planning system and contain policies that planners use for many years. We work to make sure that appropriate policies are in place for protecting wildlife; that areas are set aside for wildife and that local authorities have access to up-to-date data on valuable wildlife habitats and species.
  • commenting on certain types of planning applications where there is potential for significant effects to wildlife. We have limited resources and so must prioritise which cases we become involved in. This is done according to where the potential wildlife gains or losses are greatest, whether other bodies are commenting on the ecological aspects of an application and its location in terms of our Living Landscape projects.
  • providing advice to developers and working with planners and consultants.
  • providing advice to members of the public.

More information

For more information please contact the planning officer on 01889 880122 or email


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Planning for the Future Consultation October 2020

Current development issues and planning applications

Planning Application - Bargates, High Street Burton upon Trent

Planning Application - Toft Farm Turkey units SWT 23Jan18

Planing Application - Land off Meadow Way SWT 2Feb18 (1)

Planning Application - West Midlands Interchange Stage 1 Consultation

Planning Application - The New Minerals Local Plan for Staffordshire (2015 – 2030) Hints and Hopwas Quarry – north western extension

Planning Application - The New Minerals Local Plan for Staffordshire (2015 – 2030) - Weeford (Sawpits Lane)

Planning Application - Land off Scotch Hills Lane, Newchurch, Staffordshire

Planning Application - Brankley Farm, Dunstall Lane, Stoneyford, Barton under Needwood, Staffordshire, DE13 8BN Reserved Matters application relating to P/2017/00446 for the construction of an underground shooting range to provide 8 practice shooting lane

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