Planning advice for the public

Planning advice for the public

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Looking out for wildlife

Wildlife across the county is under pressure from development - but you can play a crucial part in helping to protect it.

Concerned about the impact of a development on wildlife?

We try to keep up to date with planning applications but we don't always hear about everything. If you are aware of an application that you believe will have a significant impact on wildlife please let us know.

Email our planning officer with details of the application and please include the application number so we can look it up easily.

Tell us about the species and habitats that you or others have seen on the site. Please be as specific as you can about when and where you have seen species.

We can't guarantee that we will be able to deal with every application forwarded to us because we have very limited resources - but we will use your information to help decide which proposals are of greatest concern. 

Badger Appeal - please help

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Objecting to an application yourself

Individuals can play a crucial part in the planning system to help protect wildlife. If you are concerned about a planning application, you may wish to write a letter of objection to the application case officer.

Download our factsheet for tips on how to express your concerns about a planning application. 

If you need species and habitat records for a particular location to support your objection, members of the public can access these for free by contacting Staffordshire Ecological Record. 

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