State of Staffordshire's Nature report

Wild Staffordshire

Credit: Tom Hibbert

State of Staffordshire's Nature report

In 2016 we put a report together alongside Staffordshire Ecological Record. It was the first “stocktake” of species and habitats found across the county and brought together data and expertise from dozens of individuals and organisations, providing an update on how wildlife is faring across the county in the hope that action will be taken to improve conditions.

What the report is about

Across the UK, increasing demands on our natural environment have led to a significant decline in biodiversity.

Staffordshire is no exception and has suffered losses of habitats and species through increasing pressures including changes in land use and pollution. 8.7% of Staffordshire is covered by a nature conservation or geological designation,but only 32% of our most important, nationally designated sites (SSSIs) are in favourable condition.

Less than half of Local Wildlife Sites are considered to be in appropriate conservation management.
Without collective action we will continue to see the loss of wildlife-rich habitats and the decline of species.


Hem Heath Woods - Great Spotted Woodpecker

The State of Staffordshire’s nature report has been produced by a partnership of organisations, with Staffordshire Wildlife Trust acting as joint publisher with Staffordshire Ecological Record.

The project was led by Staffordshire Wildlife Trust with the support of a steering group, with significant advice and input from a wider partnership of organisations and specialist groups, some of whom were also chapter authors.

To see a full list of partners and to read the report, click here

You can also download the full technical report below 

State of Staffordshire's Nature Report (Compact version)

State of Staffordshire's Nature Report (Technical version)

The launch of the report

I urge anyone who reads this report to take a moment to think about how they might be able to either help or continue their support
Mike Dilger - SWT Vice President

Stop press

Our report gained a lot of interest from the press and public. Read press releases below and see a clip from our appearance on BBC Midlands. 

What can you do

1. Read the State of Staffordshire's Nature report. This explains the report's results and gives you information how you can take action to help nature in Staffordshire. Download a PDF version by clicking here, or read a copy online by clicking the button below.

2. Get involved with Staffordshire Wildlife Trust. Staffordshire Wildlife Trust has been working to protect the wildlife and wild places where you live for over 40 years. Founded in 1969, Staffordshire Wildlife Trust is the county's leading nature conservation charity. Head here to see how you can get involved

3. Ask your MP to support the Pledge for the Environment. Together with many other charities, we're asking all MPs to make a Pledge for the Environment - to commit to creating a future rich in wildlife, establishing the UK as a world leader on the environment, ensuring that the UK leads on climate change and creating a countryside richer in nature by supporting farmers and landowners to deliver environmental benefits. 

4. Become a member of Staffordshire Widllife Trust and support your local wildlife and wild places.