Sign up for Trust’s Big Weekend Wildlife Watch

The county’s largest nature conservation charity is calling on people of all ages to become wildlife detectives to celebrate the 30 Days Wild Big Wild Weekend (15th-16th June)

Staffordshire Wildlife Trust is holding a Big Weekend Wildlife Watch during the weekend of 15th and 16th June and is asking people to head into their gardens, local green spaces, parks or nature reserves to look out for 30 key species across Staffordshire to help survey the state of the county's wildlife.

 The Big Wild Weekend is two days of wildlife and nature events which take place across the country to celebrate the half-way point of 30 Days Wild.

 Through the Big Weekend Wildlife Watch, the Trust wants people to record sightings of species, the likes of bees, mammals and woodland birds, to paint a picture and analyse the state of Staffordshire’s wildlife. Those who sign up will be sent a special guide on what to look out for and how to send in their sightings.

 The survey was created as part of The Wildlife Trust’s Wilder Future campaign which highlights how nature is in trouble and needs our help.

 Lauren Penny, Senior Marketing Officer from the charity, said: “For the Big Wild Weekend, in Staffordshire, we are encouraging people to head outside and get involved in our exciting Big Weekend Wildlife Watch survey.

 “You will have seen from our recent Wilder Future campaign that nature is in trouble and needs our help. Many species are threatened and we need to act to put nature into recovery before it is too late.

 “By recording species for our Big Weekend Wildlife Watch you will be helping us analyse the state of Staffordshire's wildlife. Once numbers have been collated, we can start to see which species aren't doing so well and therefore make extra efforts to help these species.

 “We have chosen 30 species but if people see other wildlife not listed, we’d also be interested in those records too.”

 Anyone interested in signing up to the Trust’s Big Wild Weekend Watch can do so by signing up at

Anyone who wishes to sign up for 30 Days Wild can do so via