Make A Difference

Together, we can make a difference

The Wildlife Trusts is a grassroots movement of people from a wide range of backgrounds and all walks of life, who believe that we need nature and nature needs us.
Each Wildlife Trust is an independent charity formed by people getting together to make a positive difference to wildlife and the wild spaces around them. We look after more than 2,300 nature reserves, covering 102,000 hectares, and operate more than 120 visitor and education centres in every part of the UK, on Alderney, and the Isle of Man. For more than a century we have been saving wildlife and wild places, increasing people’s awareness and understanding of the natural world, and deepening people’s relationship with it.


There are more Wildlife Trust nature reserves than there are UK branches of McDonalds and Burger King restaurants combined!


Credit Tom Marshall

We at Staffordshire Wildlife Trust are:


- Protecting wildlife and nature. 

We run campaigns, restoration projects and huge conservation projects to ensure the health and the future of wildlifeWe purchase land for nature reserves to safeguard it for thousands of species, and to ensure that nature survives and thrives in our ever-changing world. Staffordshire Wildlife Trust care for more than 30 nature reserves spanning over 3799 acres. To put that number into perspective, you could fit around 150 cars into just one acre! But we prefer to fill them with greenery and wildlife instead.


- Educating.

We teach children and adults alike the importance of the green world around them, how we must protect it for future generations. Each year The Wildlife Trusts together work with hundreds of thousands of children, we run over 10,000 wildlife events and train thousands of young people and adults, using a variety of courses and volunteering placements.


- Providing access to nature.

We work with communities and governments to ensure they have access to green spaces and can witness the wonders of nature. If people can’t see the beauty of the world around them, they are less likely to take an interest in protecting it.


- Promoting physical and mental health.

Research shows that those that have the least access to nature also have the worst levels of physical health and mental wellbeing. Seeing birds near our homes, walking through green spaces filled with wildflowers, and along rivers that are clean and clear reduces stress, fatigue, anxiety and depression.



For more than a century, The Wildlife Trusts have been saving, protecting and standing up for wildlife and wild places. We have been monitoring, vaccinating, relocating, restoring habitats, campaigning to governments, influencing and developing policies for our land and seas, researching and so much more.


For more information on our work at Staffordshire Wildlife Trust, head on over to our What we do page.