How to set up GivePenny

1 - Head on over to and click Sign up.


2 - Enter all of your details and click Register.


3 - Pop into your emails and be sure to confirm your account.


4 - On the "Your profile" page, fill out any extra information you'd like, including a photo, and click Submit.


5 - Welcome to your dashboard! Here you can create a challenge (fundraiser) or link some different apps/platforms such as Twitch, Fitbit, Spotify etc. We recommend doing this after you've set up your fundraiser.


6 - Click on "Create challenge" and you'll be asked to choose who you want to fundraise for, find Staffordshire Wildlife Trust in the list.


7 - You'll then be sent to a page where you can choose a template for your fundraising page, we have set up a template called "LIVE For Wildlife" that we recommend you using, if you've not used GivePenny before!


8 - On this next page, choose the name of your fundraiser, edit the URL and choose your start and end date. You can choose the start date as today's date, and have it run for however long you want! This can be changed at another time.


9 - You'll then be sent to your fundraiser page! Here you can edit the banner at the top left, link your Twitch on the panels to the left, see your donations, change your milestones, all the good stuff! If you want to move things around and add more to your fundraising page, click Advanced.


10 - There's lots of exciting things you can do with this page, you can update people with how your fundraiser is going, set up Spotify so that people who donate can change the music on your stream, and lots more. Take your time to explore this a little!


11 - Once you're done editing your page, click "Publish" - once you've done that you will be able to share your fundraiser page, add team members, and more.


Linking your Tiltify fundraiser to your Twitch

There are some really exciting integrations and widgets you can add to your Twitch stream via GivePenny!


Alerts, goal bar & buttons - Head on over to your "Stream tools" section, just after you've published your fundraiser. There's a handy page that GivePenny have created to help with setting these up if you're stuck! Click here. Add the buttons to your Twitch panels, pop your goal bar and alerts into your stream, and...

You're ready to go!