Get Wild at Home

Get Wild at Home

Nature's tonic - vitamin 'n'

Connecting with nature is known to improve mental health and well being and even though with the lockdown you might not be able to access your favourite wild spaces, there are plenty of ways you can get your daily dose of nature at home. 

Many think winter is a quiet time for wildlife with not much to discover but there is actually plenty to see if you know where to look!

The arrival of winter sees flocks of fieldfares and redwings return to the UK. A good place to spot these birds is hedgerows as they go in search of tasty berries. 

Many mammals such as bats or dormice will be hibernating during the winter but snowfall can often lead to encounters with badgers and squirrels as they go in search of food and of course winter is a great time to spot foxes that don't hibernate!

Although there isn't much light around in the winter and the days seem shorter, getting that daily dose of nature is really important this time of year and as much as we also need wildlife to lift our spirits it needs us more than ever during the colder months too - why not try creating a bird feeder at home - there are lots of ideas of how to support wildlife at home via our Get Wild at Home experience.

We need wildlife now more than ever as we face difficult times and we've put together a range of activities and tips to help you create your own nature moments. We are encouraging people of all ages to embrace nature.  It's the perfect time to go wild and boost your mood! 

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Our 'Get wild at Home' programme will be updated regularly with new things you can do to keep healthy and reconnect with your wild side whilst spending time indoors, in the garden or on your daily local walk so don't forget to keep checking back!

The programme is also accessible all year round for you to access

Ways to support the trust- nature needs you

As much as we need nature during this difficult time, nature needs us too. Click on the link below to learn about some of the ways you can support Staffordshire Wildlife Trust to help us continue to look after Staffordshire's wildlife

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Our work continues

In these difficult times our work will still continue to defend wildlife in Staffordshire.  As a charity, our work would not be possible without your support.

We are hugely grateful for all donations, large or small, as they make a real difference to what we can do for wildlife.

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