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The latest festival updates.... come and get involved!

Wednesday 5th August

With funding from the Arts Council England Rob Turner has been commissioned by Staffordshire Wildlife Trust to create Wildlife Sculptures that will form part of our exciting online WildArt Exhibition in August, the artwork will also be installed at the Wildchild Festival next year. 

Rob invited young people who have visited The Wolseley Centre to share drawings of the wildlife they had seen whilst observing nature on our site. We received lots of exciting drawings and in the images below you can see that they are starting to come to life as giant sculptures. 

We hope you are as excited as we are to see the final piece later this month.

Wednesday 22nd July Cloud Piece Project

We are still enjoying our weekly Cloudpiece project meetings; coming together online to talk about our thoughts on environmental issues we care about. Niki has been setting us weekly tasks- last week we followed this Soundcloud walk in our local area and took photographs of things that interested us - 


The walk gave us a new way to connect with our local environments, a reason to get out of the house and be creative, we also liked looking at things differently and noticing more beauty in the everyday. This week we made collages with materials found around home - and then discussed what we had made together. We talked about human relationships to nature and ‘nature wins’ - a name given to those sprigs of nature we see poking out of man-made places.

Our collages also sparked a conversation about how we talk about environmental issues in a way that is helpful, not condescending. These ideas will now start to shape our collaborative artwork.

13th July 2020 Festival Flags

Our fourth and final commission for the festival will be starting this month, Artist Gwenllian Spink will be working with local guide groups to create some festival flags to be displayed at the festival. 

The guides will be issued art packs that they can use to go out and explore their local natural spaces and use this as inspiration to create artwork. The mages that they create will be printed onto recycled polyester to make large flags.

12th July 2020 - Cloud Piece project - connecting to nature

We are beginning the Cloud Piece project by spending some time connecting with our local environments, this has meant using our senses to enjoy the nature that is local to us - either a garden, or doorstep green space. In week 1, we explored sound maps. We were asked to spend a few minutes indoors and then a few minutes outside, to notice the difference, then we had the choice to draw or write the sounds we could hear.

When we did this exercise, we noticed how calming the outside space was, how the weather can affect our mood and how much there was to listen to.

If you would like to have a go at making a sound map, there is a good instructional video here 

We were asked to make a piece of art, either physical or digital, to represent our experience, we could use representational drawings, abstract drawings or words. 

Here is India’s example made with text - she listened to the sounds around her and typed them into this document, before arranging them into a pattern.

Cloud Piece

7th July 2020 - We want your drawings

We are on the search for drawings of nature that you have seen at our Wolseley Centre 

We would like representative (we don’t have elephants, tigers or sharks!), naïve, fantastical or realistic– bold, striking and eye-catching drawings by anyone aged up to 16 years






Artist Rob Turner will reproduce a selection of the drawings and transform them into large scale sculpture-like cut outs. The giant drawings will be made into an art installation as part of our Wildchild Festival, funded by Arts Council England.

We don't yet know when the festival will be but we are working with artists to ensure that when it does happen it is the best that it can be!

Send your drawings to: wildchildfestival@staffs-wildlife.org.uk


7th July 2020 - Cloud Piece project - find out more

Staffordshire Wildlife Trust are currently working with young people aged 16-25, to create a new art project funded by Arts Council England. Working alongside Artist Niki Colclough, the group will create a digital artwork that will be shown as part of an online art exhibition in 2020 and eventually at the Wildchild Festival 2021. 

We are working with young people who responded to an open call for participants, they are interested in the environment, specifically, in exploring our human relationship with the environment. 

For all of us this  is an opportunity to learn new art skills, meet other people and make a difference to the way people might think about, and support their local environment.

 The group is meeting weekly (using an online platform) between mid June - August 2020. Keep an eye on our blog for updates on how the project is progressing.


Cloud Piece

8th June "Once upon a time I saw"

If your children are aged between 6-12 years we want to hear from you as part of a special art project!

This audio project is the perfect excuse to get outside, embrace nature and go exploring with your kids

Get involved and send your sound recordings to wildchildfestival@staffs-wildlife.org.uk Please note that recordings should be under 60secs. 

Click on the Instruction sheet and watch the video below to find out more!

Instruction sheet