How to set up Tiltify

1 - Head on over to Tiltify.com and click "Get Started" then head over to the Sign up page.


2 - Enter all your details, make a username and create account. (Then keep your eye on your emails to confirm your account)


3 - Choose your cause! Search for Staffordshire Wildlife Trust.


4 - Choose your campaign type and then name it, for example "Bob's LIVE For Wildlife Fundraiser"


5 - Pick your start and end date! You can choose the start date as today's date, and have it run for however long you want! This can be changed at another time.


6 - Enter your goal amount, you can always change this later.


7 - Check your fundraiser details, if everything is correct, click create campaign.


8 - On the next page is your dashboard, here you can customise your fundraiser! Add a schedule, add some incentives and milestones, then don't forget to publish your campaign!


9 - Once you've published, you'll be sent to your fundraising page, on the far right there are links you can copy for your fundraiser page or your donate page. These are the links you'll be using to direct people to donate to your fundraiser, either on your stream or on social media. (We'll send you some graphics for social media sharing when you sign up.)


10 - Time to link your fundraiser to your stream!


Linking your Tiltify fundraiser to your Twitch

There are some really exciting integrations and widgets you can add to your Twitch stream via Tiltify...


Streamlabs alert integration - You can set up your Streamlabs so that donation alerts come through the same way as normal alerts. So that when someone clicks on your Tiltify fundraiser and donates, it pops up on stream saying that they've donated to your cause! Here's how to set this up...


1 - Head on over to Streamlabs by clicking here. If you haven't used or set up Streamlabs yet, we definitely recommend giving it a try!


2 - On the left hand side, scroll down to Settings, and then Integrations. Find Tiltify and click "Link".


3 - Log in and authorise on the next page, then you'll want to click "Manage" on the Tiltify section. Here is when you'll find your campaign you created earlier.


4 - Now that you've linked your Tiltify and Streamlabs, head on over to "Alert Box" on the left hand side of Streamlabs. This is where you'll customise your alerts that pop up on screen.


5 - Scroll down slightly on this page and find "Tiltify Donations" and you can customise everything the way you want it! Change the sound/music, change the GIF, control the size and volume. This will work brilliantly with Streamlabs OBS or regular OBS. Just be sure that you've added your Alert Box in which ever broadcasting software you're using!


Add your Tiltify Goal Bar - This shows how far along your fundraiser is!  It also shows the most recent donator, the fundraiser name, and more! You can set this up by following these steps...


1 - Log into your Tiltify and head over to the top right, click your avatar image and then click "Dashboard"


2 - Find your fundraising campaign and click "Dashboard" again, next to "View campaign"


3 - Find the list on the left hand side of the screen and click on "Overlay"


4 - On this page at the top you will see either Compact Overlay, Tiltify Overlay 1.0 or Tiltify Overlay 2.0. You can choose either of these, the Compact Overlay is slightly smaller and doesn't go all the way across your stream, the Tiltify Overlay 1.0 is full width and can go along the top or bottom of your stream (We recommend this one!) and Tiltify Overlay 2.0 is new and is in BETA currently, you may want to play around with this as it has more options than the others!


5 - Click "copy overlay URL" at the top right of one of these sections, you'll use this URL in your stream broadcasting software!


6 - Open your broadcasting software (OBS/SLOBS etc.) and find "Add browser source" name your source to something like "Tiltify Bar" and then paste your URL into here. Once you've added it you should see your bar come up on screen, here you can play around with where you want to put it and the sizing! If the size of the bar seems off, you can edit your browser source and play around with the sizing in there.


If you need help with any of the above you can ask on the Discord or email us over at livestreaming@staffs-wildlife.org.uk