Trust’s People Engagement programme to resume in August

Trust’s People Engagement programme to resume in August

Staffordshire’s largest nature conservation charity is set to resume its family events in August across a number of its sites in the county.

Staffordshire Wildlife Trust’s popular People Engagement programme was halted in March as a result of the outbreak of Covid-19.

Since then, the charity’s People Engagement team have been working to create content for people to enjoy at home after launching its Get Wild at Home programme, which includes resources such as videos and ways to get closer to nature.

This has proved popular, with hundreds of families signing up to take part across Staffordshire.

Now lockdown is easing, the Trust is bringing back some of its events, including Wildfamilies and Wild Yoga at Wolseley, Wildlings and Wildplay at Hem Heath and Wildfamilies events at Gentleshaw Common through the Staffordshire SPACE initiative.

People are also being encouraged to take part in self-guided Toddler Treks at The Wolseley Centre and Highgate Common which people can download at home.

To make the events Covid-19 secure, the Trust are carrying out the following measures.

-Events will be booked only - no drop ins

-The Trust will provide a video explaining new safety measure at our events

-Households will be given 'nests' where they can base themselves for an activity

-Households will be allocated their own equipment for use during activities

-There will be hand sanitizer stations and biodegradable antibacterial wipes for hand cleaning and equipment cleaning

-The Trust will increase the cleaning of equipment before and after activities

Katie Shipley, People Engagement Manager for Staffordshire Wildlife Trust, said: “We’re very glad to be back doing what we think we do best – getting outdoors and getting families closer to nature.

“Despite lockdown measures easing, we are following Government guidance daily and doing all we can to make sure our events are Covid-19 secure.

“The events are pre-bookable only and we have a reduced capacity at events to ensure people’s safety. So, we would urge people to look on our website to book as they won’t be allowed into events if they turn up on the day.

“We’re really looking forward to seeing friendly faces again in August.”

All events can be booked via

Anyone with concerns or questions can email the People Engagement team –