Leek Local Group report - July 2021

Our Leek Local Group's report for July 2021

Work-parties at Swineholes and Rod Wood have recommenced but more volunteers for Rod Wood are desperately needed (contact Dave Rowe on 01538 385009). We attended a major climate change / green arts festival at the Foxlowe in June and apart from gaining new recruits and volunteers we made contact with a number of local councillors. Val has done well with our plant sales raising over £600 to date. We aim to be selling more plants at both Leek and Manifold shows
this year.
While the committee has reluctantly decided not to recommence evening meetings, which will reduce the workload on a very small committee, it will still be active in supporting various events in the Moorlands. We recently contributed £11,005 to the successful Gun Moor appeal, so thanks to all who helped achieve this magnificent total.
John Stanney