Collaborative working will help support river habitat projects in Upper Sow catchment area

Staffordshire Wildlife Trust isdelighted to have received funding from Natural England to facilitate a five-yearwater and environment improvement project with landowners in the Upper Sowcatchment area.

This is a landowner-led project but the Trust, the county’s largest nature conservation charity, will be co-ordinating the project and bringing specialist knowledge in natural flood and sediment management to the table.

The Upper Sow catchment suffers from diffuse pollution from agriculture which threatens the Cop Mere Site of Special Scientific Interest, as well as Jackson’s Coppice and Marsh nature reserve, by Eccleshall.

This Upper Sow Facilitation Fund enables landowners to come together and discuss the environmental priorities in their area, working together to decide a programme of training and advice and enabling a more joined up approach to the management of the land.

Kate Jones, Conservation Officer for Staffordshire Wildlife Trust said; “It is a great opportunity to get landowners/farmers together in a room and have discussions about what they can do to help water quality and wildlife habitats in their area, we can then coordinate training and advice to help them achieve those self-set objectives.

“In a time of mounting concerns for our environment these Facilitation Funds are seeing farmers and landowners coming together across England and delivering an holistic approach to tackling water quality degradation, wildlife declines and habitat loss.

“Staffordshire Wildlife Trust are excited to be co-ordinating another one of these crucial projects and look forward to seeing what it delivers.”

For more information or to get involved email Kate Jones at the Trust –