Charity encouraging people to get daily dose of nature at home

The county’s largest nature conservation charity is encouraging people to stay at home to get their daily dose of wildlife while the country remains in lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Staffordshire Wildlife Trust is encouraging people to observe social responsibilities to tackle the outbreak and has closed all reserve car parks with barriers while restrictions remain in place, and are advising people to follow Government advice on social distancing at all times.

But they want people to experience nature and the benefits it brings at home now more than ever, and are asking people to head into their gardens to look for wildlife or take in the natural world during their daily walks.

Jeff Sim, Senior Conservation Manager for Staffordshire Wildlife Trust, said: “Most of all, we want people to stay safe and not travel unnecessarily during this time, adhering to the guidance and advice given to us by the Government. While we want people to get closer to nature and know we're relying on it now more than ever before to bring joy to our lives, we're also extremely eager to remind people not to make unnecessary travel during this very difficult time.

“But we also know the important role the natural world plays and the comfort it brings, especially during this difficult time. Nature is a source of both joy and solace, but you don’t have to go far to experience the wonders it brings.

“If you do have a garden, we’d encourage you to spend more time in it than before and look for wildlife. It’s the perfect time to make sure your garden birds are fed, look for emerging bees and butterflies, to make a wildlife pond or leave part of the garden wild to help insects and a whole host of other species.

“If you do go for a daily walk, even if you don’t have green spaces close by, you can always hear birds chirping away, take in fresh air and look up towards the clouds to get your dose of the natural world.

“There is so much to do and see, and you don’t have to go far to experience the wonders it brings.

“We would also like to thank people who have been supportive of our messaging since the outbreak began and we hope they can visit our nature reserves and visitor centres again before too long.

“But in the meantime, please don't travel to visit the countryside or nature reserves, stay at home and reduce the chances of passing the virus on to others."

The Trust is reminding people to follow its social media channels for upbeat pictures and latest news on the natural world in Staffordshire. Head to or