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Getting started

If you haven't already, you’ll want to start by setting up your fundraising event on one of our supported fundraiser platforms, using these platforms will enable your viewers to donate to your cause. We recommend one of the following…
-    GivePenny 
-    Tiltify
-    JustGiving


Inspiration, tips, ideas!

Marathon streams - Team up with your friends or go solo in a marathon stream! Many people do this as a team effort, where you take turns streaming for a certain amount of time such as 24 hour streams, but we don't recommend going for that long as a solo effort.

Creative streams - Draw or paint your favourite animal, bake cookies and decorate them with wildlife shapes or with donators names on them, build Lego, make a cosplay. The possibilities are endless!

Gaming stream events - Build a wildlife sanctuary in Minecraft or The Sims 4, play Pokémon and name your new catches after donators, or simply play your usual game and mention now and then that you’re raising money for the Wildlife Trusts!



You’re way more likely to receive donations to your fundraiser if you give your viewers incentives, this could be in the form of streamer reactions, viewer rewards, and goals.

Streamer reactions - Set up scary alerts that spook you as someone donates, or funny noises that make you and your community crack up! Eat a Bean-Boozled, do X-amount of jumping jacks or push-ups, there's so much you can try, and your donators will love seeing a reaction out of their generosity!

Viewer rewards - You could do giveaways of stickers or spare game codes, or if you do creative streams you could giveaway something you’ve made. You could do something as simple as write viewers names on a piece of paper to hang in your streaming room.

Goals - Aim to do different things when you hit goal milestones! Play a game that your community is dying to watch you play, promise a Just Dance or Twitch Sings stream, dress up in a crazy onesie or wear a fake beard and mustache for the rest of the stream!


If you've got all of the ideas sorted and ready to go, but you need some help setting up your stream, head on over to our How to start streaming page.

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