State of Nature 2016 - The status of UK's wildlife

Image by Adrian Clarke

It's not too late to save nature in the UK, but we must act now to protect the future of our wildlife.

Written by a coalition of more than 50 leading wildlife charities and research organisations, including The Wildlife Trusts, the State of Nature 2016 report assesses the status of wildlife in the UK at land and sea.

It shows more clearly than ever before that nature is in serious decline across the UK. Over the last 50 years, 56% of species have declined, while 15% are at risk of disappearing from our shores altogether.

The report also includes inspiring examples of action to conserve and recover some wildlife, like the pine marten and the large blue butterfly. There are examples of where habitats are being successfully restored in our uplands, meadows and on the coast.

We, as people, organisations and governments, can work together to stop the loss and bring nature back from the brink. Time is running out for the UK to meet its global commitments to nature. But with leadership from government and organisations, and personal action by people like you, there is hope we can pass on a healthier natural world to the next generation.

Download the UK State of Nature 2016 report

Download the Scotland State of Nature 2016 report

Download the England State of Nature 2016 report

What you can do

1. Read about the State of Nature and how you can help nature

Read the State of Nature infographic. This explains the report's results and gives you information how you can take action to help nature in the UK. 

2. Get involved with your Staffordshire Wildlife Trust

Find out how you can help Staffordshire Wildlife Trust

3. Ask your MP to support the Pledge for the Environment

Together with many other charities, we're asking all MPs to make a Pledge for the Environment - to commit to creating a future rich in wildlife, establishing the UK as a world leader on the environment, ensuring that the UK leads on climate change and creating a countryside richer in nature by supporting farmers and landowners to deliver environmental benefits. Ask your MP to pledge their support.