What to look for on your visit

If you’re visiting the Wolseley Centre this Winter, look out for:

Goosander- This sleek saw-billed fish eating duck can sometimes be seen diving for its prey in the River Trent or the largest of the lakes.

Thrushes- Migrant thrushes such as fieldfares and redwings are making their home in Britain for the winter. Flocks of them along with our resident mistle and song thrushes are often seen together.

Snowdrops- When will the green points of the leaves of our snowdrops pop up? Check the woodland for the first signs of spring.

Kingfisher- Look for our resident kingfisher in trees and bushes hanging over the pools if the river is flowing fast. Listening for a high pitch whistle which can give an indication of which area it is in today.

Visitor centre and gift shop

Wolseley Centre gift shopWolseley Centre gift shop

You'll find a warm welcome in our Wolseley Bridge Visitor Centre and gift shop.

Drinks and snacks

Inside the visitor centre, we have an indoor seating area where you can enjoy a hot drink from our drinks machine or cold drinks and snacks, including sandwiches, crisps, biscuits and chocolate.

When the weather is nice, you might choose to relax in our outdoor seating area at the front of the visitor centre, or on one of the many picnic benches around the grounds. 

Gift shop

We have a well-stocked gift shop selling a variety of nature-themed goods, including books, cards, homeware, toys and childrens' gifts, clothing and jewellery. We also sell wildlife goods such as feeders, bug homes and nest boxes.

All proceeds from the sale of these goods go towards the Trust's work protecting wildlife and wild places around the county.

Bird food

We sell a range of value-for-money bird food from the Wolseley Centre, including general wild bird mix, peanuts, black sunflower seed, sunflower hearts, niger seed, robin mix with insects and fat balls.

Food is sold in a variety of weights, from 1kg bags to large sacks. See our current price list.

Don't know what to feed? Check out our wild bird feeding guide.

Opticron binoculars

The Wolseley Centre's gift shop sells a fantastic range of Opticron binoculars to suit all lifestyles and budgets.

Click here to explore our selection, with a video guide to choosing your binoculars with the urban birder, David Lindo!