Download a map of the Wolseley Centre

What to look for on your visit

If you’re visiting the Wolseley Centre this Winter, look out for:

Goosander- This sleek saw-billed fish eating duck can sometimes be seen diving for its prey in the River Trent or the largest of the lakes.

Thrushes- Migrant thrushes such as fieldfares and redwings are making their home in Britain for the winter. Flocks of them along with our resident mistle and song thrushes are often seen together.

Snowdrops- When will the green points of the leaves of our snowdrops pop up? Check the woodland for the first signs of spring.

Kingfisher- Look for our resident kingfisher in trees and bushes hanging over the pools if the river is flowing fast. Listening for a high pitch whistle which can give an indication of which area it is in today.

Explore the grounds of the Wolseley Centre

The Wolseley Centre is surrounded by 26 acres of wildlife-friendly grounds which are completely free to explore. Come along and enjoy many different wildlife habitats - including peaceful woodland, a colourful hay meadow, tranquil ponds and lakes and lush marshland - plus our display gardens.

What to see and do around the grounds

Find out where everything is from our map of the grounds.

The boardwalk

A popular raised walkway that weaves above tranquil pools, bubbling streams and lush marshland, the boardwalk will bring you up close to water-loving wildlife.

Look out for water birds making their nests, frogs searching for a mate, and kingfishers swooping down for fish from the river. You can even enjoy a picnic on one of the two picnic benches on the boardwalk. 

The Play Trail

Web swing - J WrightRun, jump, climb and splash on our 11 natural play features, designed to encourage youngsters to enjoy playing outside in the natural world. Make a noise on our fishy sound sculptures, or find out what it's like to be a mole in our knobbly knoll tunnels.

The trail is funded by Aiming High for Disabled Children, which is administered by Staffordshire County Council. For a map of the Play Trail, click here.

The wildlife garden

The wildlife garden at the Wolseley Centre is designed to give you lots of ideas about what you can do in your own garden to attract wildlife.

Be inspired by our wildlife pond, insect-friendly flower border, bird feeding station, bug hotel and environmentally-friendly vegetable beds. 

The sensory garden

Our sensory garden has been designed to stimulate the senses and contains plants that are highly scented, plants that rustle and plants that have interesting textures.

Many of the plants are in raised beds so they can be enjoyed by wheelchair users. The sensory garden is also a haven for wildlife, with our scented herbs attracting bumblebees in summer and the spiky heads of teasel offering seeds for birds during winter.

Wildlife habitats

We've created a mini collection of the many different wildlife habitats that you can find in Staffordshire at the the Wolseley Centre. There are areas of woodland, a hay meadow, a wet meadow, marshland, lakes and pools.

You will no doubt see lots of different wild creatures as you explore these habitats - from kingfishers on the river running through the wet meadow to dragonflies by the lakes and wildflowers in the woodland.



There are a network of paths around the Wolseley Centre which are generally flat and suitable for wheelchair and pushchairs users. The boardwalk is also suitable for wheelchair users. Some of the outer areas around the grounds, such as the wet meadow and hay meadow, are uneven and can get muddy. For more information on accessibility, call 01889 880100 or email 


Dogs on leads are welcome around the grounds.