Wildlife Sightings

Zsuzsanna Bird

Be it on any of our 26 nature reserves across the county, by sending in your wildlife sightings to the Trust, you'll be contributing towards our ongoing management and planning work and helping local wildlife. Find out ways you can help below.

Report a sighting on a nature reserve

Wild open moorlands, ancient bluebell woods, wildflower meadows and wetlands ringing with birdsong, Staffordshire Wildlife Trust cares for 26 nature reserves across the county.

Our nature reserves are havens for wildlife and places where you can experience the beauty of the natural world. Send us what you see whilst exploring, and help us to look after the wildlife on these amazing wild spaces.

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Barn Owls

Staffordshire Wildlife Trust is encouraging members of the public to send in sightings of the bird from across the county.

Figures from The Barn Owl Trust suggest that there are currently less barn owls in Britain than at any other time since farming became widespread roughly one thousand years ago.

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