Let's get fundraising

Stream is ready to roll? Let's get fundraising.

Here are some great tutorials and tips on setting up your fundraiser! So far you should have...

- Signed up to LIVE For Wildlife and received all the good stuff in your welcome pack.

- Set up your stream, including customising, setting up alerts, and maybe set up a chat bot! Learn how to do all that over here.

- Decided what you'd like to stream! We have some great ideas over on our Fundraising ideas page.


What's next? How do I set up my fundraising event and link it to my stream?

The first step is setting up your fundraiser on a fundraising platform!

Tiltify - This is the most popular fundraising platform for live streamers. There are lots of ways to integrate your fundraiser into your stream. They have a brilliant goal bar you can have showing on your screen as you stream, which shows viewers your goal, the most recent donator, the charity logo and more! For more information on Tiltify click here.

See below for step-by-step tutorials on setting up Tiltify!



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