Just Giving

How to set up Just Giving.

1 - Head on over to JustGiving.com and click Start fundraising.


2 - On the "What are you raising money for?" page, select Charity.


3 - Click Sign up and enter your details, don't forget to check your emails afterwards to confirm your account!


4 - Complete your profile and you'll be sent to the page where you can choose your cause!


5 - Type in "Staffordshire Wildlife Trust" and you'll find us with our logo, click Select next to it.


6 - Here you can choose what kind of event you're doing, if you're doing a simple live streaming fundraiser, we recommend choosing the last option "Personal Challenge".


7 - On this next page, choose the Event type, we recommend either "a personal streaming/gaming event", name your event, perhaps something simple like "Bob's LIVE For Wildlife Fundraiser". Choose your event date (if you're doing this over multiple streams you can leave this blank) Enter all of your other details and then Create your page!


8 - Once you've created your page you can edit your cover photo, this could be a photo of yourself or something related to your stream, or it could be our logo, your favourite wildlife, what ever you like.


9 - You can also post updates on this page if you scroll down, and people can learn a bit more about the charity. You can create a team, edit the story and more.


10 - To share your page, you'll want to copy your link. Your fundraising link will look something like this... www.justgiving.com/fundraising/YOURNAMEHERE You can then add the link to your Twitch panels (check out the graphics we'll send you when you sign up!) and you can share it on your social media!


There aren't any Twitch/Mixer/Youtube integrations, widgets etc for Just Giving, if you are wanting to use a goal bar and other extensions on your stream, you may want to check out Tiltify or GivePenny instead.