Invitation to tender

You are being invited to tender to carry out a river restoration project which will involve channel excavation work. 

The project will involve re-instating a 7-hectare river island known as Cherry Holme. This will be delivered through the reconnection of a palaeochannel by excavation of approximately 15,000 cubic metres of former channel to re-create a split channel and suitable conditions for wet woodland habitat. The excavated soil will be transported to the adjacent lake deposition site to create new reedbed habitat. 

To create a structurally diverse channel, various habitat features will be added to the channel profile including a riffle, point bar and island, this will be carried out using live willows and gravels and will help 'divert' flows into the newly excavated channel and to help 'flush' fine sediments from the inlet. Additionally, a ford will need constructing using compacted clay, cobbles and gravels to allow landowner access to Cherry Holme for habitat management (woodland rides, coppicing, etc.).

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Transforming the Trent Valley
Heritage fund