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Nature's Recovery Survey

Join our call for Nature's Recovery in Staffordshire

Thank you for joining our call for a Nature's Recovery. We would love to hear what your local wildlife and wildplaces mean to you and why you want a greener future for Staffordshire. You can feedback your thoughts by filling in our survey....

We're on the most ambitious nature recovery mission ever, but we need your help!

During lockdown the natural world has been a lifeline to so many of us; opening a window to listen to the birdsong, walking in a sun-dappled woodland, breathing in fresh, clean air as we take in stunning wild landscapes.

It is now clearer than ever how vital wildlife and our natural world are to the health, wellbeing and future of all of us.

But nature is in crisis; it's future is uncertain and it needs our help. Over 40 per cent of wild species have declined since 1970. One million animal and plant species are now threatened with extinction.

Staffordshire Wildlife Trust is calling for Nature's Recovery and everyone has their part to play. 

The loss of the natural world coupled with climate change are the twin crises of our age, and nowhere near enough is being done to meet the challenges they present.

But it is not too late to save nature! Restoring the natural world must be a cornerstone in the UK’s economic renewal plan; if we don’t put investment in nature at the heart of our recovery, we will simply lurch from one crisis to another.

A green economic recovery package would create tens of thousands of jobs in industries such as low carbon energy, green transport, sustainable housing and crucially nature conservation. Reversing the decline of nature will solve many of the hardest problems we face.

Join the fightback today for Nature's Recovery by telling us what wildlife means to you and why it is important that we care for it to create a wilder future for both wildlife and people …

We will forward on your feedback to leaders and key influencers at our Nature's Recovery summit later this year

With your help, we can influence decisions for the recovery of the natural world 

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