Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions...

  • Is there a minimum age requirement for participating? For safety reasons you must be 18+ to sign up to LIVE For Wildlife. You can however participate if you're under 18, but you would need a parent or guardian to sign up on your behalf. Please note that each live streaming platform has their own age requirements for live streaming, for example Twitch TV requires you to be 13+ to sign up.
  • How do I start my LIVE For Wildlife fundraiser? As soon as you sign up we'll send you heaps of useful information about how to set everything up! You can also check out our Let's get started and Fundraising ideas page for more information.
  • I've never live streamed before, how do I get started? We've put together a super useful page on How to start livestreaming, with lots of useful links and videos, too! Don't panic if it seems confusing at first, once you walk through it step-by-step, it all comes together nicely.
  • How do I get people to see my stream and my fundraiser? Sharing with your friends and community is a great way to start! If you're new to streaming or haven't established a community yet, schedule and consistency is key. Do something that you love doing and are passionate about, don't just follow trends! Use social media to promote your streams and your fundraiser, and don't forget to build meaningful relationships with other live streamers! You can meet some amazing friends to bounce ideas off of, and build each other up in the streaming community.
  • Do I need to set up my fundraiser for a certain day, or for a specific event? Your fundraiser can be whenever you like, and run for however long you'd like it to go on for! If you wanted to, you could focus on just a week of fundraising, or you could keep your fundraiser up until you hit a certain target you'd like. It's entirely up to you!
  • How can I set up alerts on my stream? Or a goal bar so people can see how much we've raised? There's lots of information on the Let's get started page on how you can set these things up! It's super easy once you start putting your stream together.
  • How will you support my fundraiser? We're so excited to get to know you, and we'll be here for you every step of your fundraiser. If you have any questions you can email us or direct message us over on the LIVE For Wildlife Twitter! We'll also be sharing streams on our social media (both LIVE For Wildlife and Staffordshire Wildlife Trust!) and we're planning lots of exciting perks and events for our live streamers in the near future.
  • Which should I use for my fundraiser? GivePenny, Just Giving, or Tiltify? If you've never used these platforms before, you're probably wondering what makes them different from one another? Here's a bit more information on them:

GivePenny - Is a locally run platform built specifically with live streamers in mind, they have a lot of really fun and easy to set up widgets for your stream, such as a temperature gauge themed goal bar that shows on your stream, Spotify integration so that your donators can choose songs to play, and more. Learn more about GivePenny by clicking HERE.

Tiltify - Is probably the most well known fundraising platform for live streamers, it has an extremely easy interface and the set up is really simple. You can set up a goal bar and alerts on your stream. This is used by the majority of live streamers that raise money for charities of their choice. Learn more about Tiltify HERE.

Just Giving - You've more than likely heard more about this website than the others, especially if you're new to live streaming! Just Giving is used for all kinds of fundraising, they usually aren't a preference for live streamers as there's not many, if any integrations with Twitch TV, Mixer, Youtube etc. But if you're feeling a bit overwhelmed with the others, this is by far the easiest to set up and get started! If you choose Just Giving you may struggle with showing a total, goal bar, or alerts in your stream. Learn more about Just Giving HERE.

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